【Returnees ONLY】Airport Transfer

Returnees ONLY Airport Transfer

This is a special transfer service with an all-inclusive fare for customers who return to Japan from overseas.

Important Notices

  • The meeting time is approximately 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time of your plane. Please be noted that the additional fee of 2,500 yen per 30 minutes will be charged once 1 hour has passed since the meeting time.
  • We do not provide the meeting service at the arrival area. Pick-up method and location will be discussed between the customer and the driver directly on the spot.
  • Make sure to wear a mask during the ride.
  • We might open the windows to let fresh air in while driving.
  • Do not leave your trash in the car.
  • You can not change the destination or stop by at any place other than a lavatory during the ride.  
  • This plan can be applied to the returnees, their family and related persons.
  • If you need to eat something, please avoid using restaurants and shop at convenience stores or kiosks and eat in the car.

Antivirus Measures

  • Splash preventing sheets in the car
  • Temperature measurement before dispatching a driver
  • Drivers' thorough infection prevention: wear a mask, hand-washing and gargles
  • Ventilation of the car and disinfection of seats, door handles, floor mats, etc. before and after a ride
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wipes are available in the car for customers.


The prices below are rough estimates, so please contact us for a quote.

《Narita Airport》
Central Tokyo (23 wards) 33,000 yen~

《Haneda Airport》       
Central Tokyo (23 wards) 16,000 yen~  Shizuoka     75,000 yen~
Out of Tokyo's 23 wards 25,000 yen~Fukushima 140,000 yen~
Kanagawa                       25,000 yen~Niigata 150,000 yen~
Chiba 25,000 yen~Aichi 170,000 yen~
Saitama 25,000 yen~Gifu 200,000 yen~
Ibaraki 40,000 yen~ Shiga 250,000 yen~
Gunma 55,000 yen~Mie 220,000 yen~
Tochigi 55,000 yen~Kyoto 280,000 yen~
Yamanashi 55,000 yen~Osaka 300,000 yen~
Services for other areas are not available.

《Cancellation Fee》
Cancellation due to customer's decision: 50% the day before / 100% on the day of the transfer
No cancellation fee will be charged if the result of COVID-19 testing at the airport is POSITIVE, though the toll fees to/from airport will be charged only for Narita Airport transfer.

Payment Method

Individual customers: Advance payment by card, or cash payment on the day before departure
Corporate customers: Advance payment by card, cash payment on the day, or invoice
  • For customers from overseas, please provide the credit card information in advance.

Reservations and Inquiries

Contact Us
For reservations, estimates, details for our services or any inquiries,
just call us at +81-(0)3-6685-3277 or send the form from "Contact Us" below.

Reservations are required at least 2 days before your travel date.
We might not be able to offer a desired car for a last-minute request, so please contact us well in advance.